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Usha translates from Hindi and the Sanskrit.  Her  book of translation from Kalidasa was published in 2015 by Rasala books  Click Here).  

Usha’s poetry has been translated into German, Spanish and Gujurati & Manx Gaelic.

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Excerpts from Kamayani (the Hindi epic by JaiShankar Prasad), Feb 2017, CLICK to READ

Rithu Poetry, 2015

Kavya Bharati , India 2014

Muse India, 2013

  Excerpts from Kalidasa, Greeshma, Rtusamhara, 2013 - 


Fire, UK, 2007

South Asian Review, UK 2007

Kritya, 2006

Six Cantos of Eternal Bliss – CLICK to READ

Half-Woman God - CLICK to READ

Wishing on the Moon -    © Carola Colley